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Curious Humans

letter from the founder

Hello there,

Curious Humans begun as an experimental newsletter—which at the time was my own way of sharing the journey I'd experienced navigating grief.

It was through this loss & heartbreak that much of my old worldview gradually disintegrated & the intimidating journey to explore my own inner landscapes truly began. I deeply craved a space to invite those who have the courageous curiosity to look inwards and those who strive to ask more beautiful questions.

From there, long-form podcast conversations below emerged from my desire to speak with genuine elders—those who seemed to carry a piece of the great puzzle that is—how might we live well and truly know ourselves.

If you're looking for a sense of what to expect—you might appreciate the 'Reflecting Forwards'  Annual Review template or alternatively dive into the Emotional Resilience in Leadership Report.

My hope for this project is to connect with other fascinating humans who are also navigating this pathless path of re-learning 'how to human'.

Stay Curious Out There,

Jonny Miller

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Conversations to Spark Curiosity

Thoughtful deep dives with elders, poets, philosophers & polymaths. Listen to the Curious Humans Podcast on Spotify, Apple or elsewhere.

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Kind Words from Fellow Readers...

"Curious Humans fills me with joy, warmth, and wisdom. I have learned so much from Jonny over the years, and am grateful for his curiosity and generosity. Looking forward to the next dispatch!" 


Co-founder of Holstee

"Opening one of these emails or pressing play on the podcast feels like the ultimate curiosity boost—an injection of good energy and the spark for a zillion more questions in my head."


Brand strategist, ocean advocate & entrepreneur

"I would be deeply grateful if Buster were able to write a sentence or two describing what he's enjoyed about my writing + podcasting over the years..."

Buster Benson

Writer and builder of many things.

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"Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the muscle"

— Proverb from the asaro tribe of papua new guinea